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Clean Tech 101 Guide: The Essentials

Cleantech refers to clean technology. It can be any product, service, or process that mitigates environmental impacts. It covers a vast range of technology, primarily green technology, recycling, information technology, electric motors, a commercial rental heater and many more. A new term has evolved from this knowledge, environmental finance, which is a process through which clean technology is financed via the generation of carbon credits. It harnesses renewable energy sources, parallelly mitigating natural resource usage and reducing waste and emissions. Clean technology has also impacted the business market. It serves a great purpose for industries by reducing dirty pollutants and fuels.


What is clean tech?


Clean technology products are the devices that improve operational efficiency, performance, or productivity and reduce inputs, energy consumption, environmental pollution, and costs. It targets the sustainability of industries. It holds the ability to reduce one of the major issues across the globe, that is, global warming. Using clean tech products will give rise to a healthy and sustainable future. In a nutshell, clean technology is a set of different technologies responsible for either optimizing or reducing the usage of natural resources. Simultaneously, it reduces the negative impacts of technology on the ecosystem. Examples of clean technologies are improved conventional energy production methods like smart electric grids, which can be supported through government programs.


Origin of clean technology


The idea of using clean technology arose from the insignificant rise in climate change and global warming. One of the main causes behind this is the generation of energy by burning fossil fuels. Industries switched to clean technology to achieve a sustainable future due to the rise in awareness of global warming. Industries started implanting clean technology processes in the name of cleantech or Greentech.


Incorporating sustainable energy sources


The basic way of implementing clean technology is done via incorporating sustainable energy in the industry, which optimizes energy usage rather than reduces carbon fuel usage. The significant sustainable energy sources are hydroelectric, wind, solar, geothermal, and smart energy.


Clean water provision


Clean water is being provided to industries by two major processes, namely water treatment and wastewater treatment. This is a significant recycling process that reduces waste and thereby mitigates the negative impact on the ecosystem.



Reducing pollution


One of the major aspects of clean tech is the reduction in pollution caused by different carbon-based fuels. Pollution can be optimized by emission control, pollutant monitoring, and polluted site remediation.


Waste treatment and recycling


Another important aspect of clean technology is recycling. Recycling consumer products reduces waste. This process is followed by the treatment of wastes, where the wastes generated from consumer products are treated, thereby optimizing the chances of toxic wastes.


Commercial heater rental

Commercial heater rentals are widely used. It is an innovative product that optimizes fuel consumption. Simultaneously, it also reduces operational costs as well as energy emissions. It has emerged as a game changer in the clean tech market. Heater rentals are cleaning burning units that generate low emissions and consume only 9 litres per hour of fuel. It comes with many safety features as well as is easy to control. 


With Dragon Heat’s near-flameless, high-intensity, energy-efficient commercial heaters, you can reduce energy usage and costs while powering your operations. Our Dragon Heat flameless heater rentals are the most innovative heaters on the market, generating large industrial spaces quicker while consuming up to 72% less fuel and 35% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than conventional units. As an ATB Innovation Award, Canada Top Energy Innovator and Convergx Best Technology award winner, Dragon Heat is here to change how your business uses and maximizes energy with our game-changing product. 

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