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How Flameless Heaters Benefit Industrial Worksites

How flameless heater rentals benefit industrial worksites


Flameless heaters have been increasing in popularity in the industrial sector, where the heater can amplify the health and safety of industrial employees. Because industrial projects are centred around such a vast outdoor space, often in frigid conditions within Western Canada, a robust system that can heat the area is always required. The demand for heaters to be incorporated into these projects has surged, and the flameless heater rental has the qualities and power to safely and securely meet these demands and combat the effects of harsh weather conditions. 


Determine how the benefits of a flameless heater can positively enhance the safety of an industrial worksite, why it mitigates potential hazards, and how it improves general working conditions on a project. 




The safety and health of any workplace always take priority above all else, and the safety of an industrial workplace is no exception. Because worksites tend to involve working in precarious and potentially dangerous conditions, it is imperative to ensure safety standards are met. When workplaces are stationed in frigid conditions, workplace accidents, injuries, and common sicknesses that spread are more liable to occur. Such scenarios can be prevented when you have a flameless heater to keep an industrial workplace comfortably heated, which will maintain safety for workers and decrease the chances of severe workplace injury. 


Working conditions 


As aforementioned, a flameless heater rental will improve the safety of outside workers due in part to improved working conditions. Constant exposure to frigid temperatures will take its toll on workers, it can distract them from their duties and put them at risk of an accident, and deteriorate their immune systems making them more susceptible to the seasonal flu. Working in bitter weather conditions will also decrease workplace productivity and can prolong a project. A flameless heater is an accessible solution that is guaranteed to improve workplace conditions and encourage workers to be proactive during work hours. A reliable and effective heater will keep workers at a comfortable temperature so they can work in without the chance of injury, illness, or distraction. 


Minimizing reduced risks to a project site


Not only can freezing conditions pose problems for your workers, but they can risk the state and structure of the project site. When the temperature drops, moisture will be produced and can wreak havoc on an industrial worksite. Some areas within a work site will be at risk for corrosion when it comes into contact with excessive amounts of moisture, and mould, rot, and rust will formulate–causing damage and injury. You can mitigate all corrosion within the worksite by keeping it heated with a flameless heater.


Reduced delays


If a project placed in an outdoor worksite involves paint coating of any kind, this procedure will be delayed as drying times will be extended due to the cold weather. This issue can be easily solved by using a flameless heater to reduce drying times, and a project can be completed within a scheduled timeframe. 

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