Our Company


We are a family-owned and operated business that wanted to develop a product that would have a positive impact on the planet, operate safely to protect people, and support a companies bottom line to cut costs and increase revenues. The founder who created the initial technology passed away and left it to his daughter who helped develop the technology out to what it is today. Driven by the desire to see her father’s dream become a reality and the passion to leave her children with a healthier planet this family-based business is dedicated to a reliable, environmental and effective product that companies would be proud to incorporate as part of their operations.

Like many other technology companies, the vision for Dragon Heat began as just an idea sketched out on a piece of paper. Industries are often revolutionized by the discovery of better solutions to their most basic problems, and Dragon Heats core the concept was a modification of an old, outdated heating system design that had seen little improvement in decades.

Engine and burners typically used in heating and power generation are generally inefficient, have high levels of emissions and use large amounts of diesel or other fuel. The patented invention behind Dragon Heats technology was a significant improvement that could offer a cleaner, safer and more cost-effective way of creating heat. Over a decade-long process, from an idea on a piece of paper, was transformed, through dedication and hard work, into a commercially viable product with major industry partnerships.