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The Challenges of Heating an Air Hangar

The challenges of heating an air hangar


Heating an air hangar is a type of application that helps to keep a certain temperature by means of an environmentally controlled climate. In most applications, it helps regulate the temperature for climates near the freezing level, which makes it ideal for places like offices and warehouses where temperatures are typically very cold. These types of climate control can be attainable in many different ways, but one way to accomplish this is by having uncovered air channels that allow only fresh air into the building while excluding any other sources of humidity or pollution.


Find out what the main challenges are when trying to heat an air hangar and what an air hangar heater actually entails. 



It is very important to familiarize yourself with all the materials that are available for use. If a simple job like this cannot be done, then the project must not be done at all. The materials used will dictate the cost of the project and will also define what the project may need to look like. For instance, if you are using a gas furnace, you will need parts to connect it to your air hangar and your electrical system as well. If you want to save money on materials, then you will need to know exactly how much material you will need before going out and buying it.



When deciding on how large of an air hangar you are going to need, you first have to find a single room that is the perfect size. When picking the right size, there are many different ways in which this can be determined. One way is to determine how many rooms are going to be used for what purposes and how large the room needs to be for each use. If a room has furnaces in it, then you will want them to be spread out around the room so that space isn’t wasted. You also need to figure out how many doors will lead into and out of the air hanger and what types of doors they will be. If a door is not big enough to let exhaust and fresh air in, you will have to go and get another door.


Inadequate Air Flow


One major problem you will face will be inadequate airflow which can result in an overheated area, as well as a shorter life span for all of your heating components. This could be from an exhaust fan not being positioned properly to the size and type of furnace. There are many different types of furnaces and fans that you can use to give your air hanger proper ventilation. This will be required if you are using an air conditioner to cool down the air in the building. When you are choosing these systems, you can look for different features that may help your heating and cooling system last longer. One example is a heat exchanger, which will let in cool air to give your hot air a rest as it travels through the ductwork.




Heating an air hangar is a feat that most companies are capable of doing, but they may need to consider all the factors involved before getting started. It is important to know how big your air hanger needs to be because this will determine how many components you will need to complete the project. Once you know all of these things, then the next step will be to choose the heating and cooling system that will be used in your building.


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